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Mobile is radical

Vine for Android Launches

vine android

It’s not often these days that Android users feel left out of anything – at least since Instagram moved over to the Android platform. However there was once service with over 13 million users that was causing a bit of app jealousy – Vine. Well, good news for all you Android fans (myself included) – Vine is now available for ... Read More »

Mobile Gaming market to triple by 2017


We thought we would step away from all the awesome trailers and game news for a few minutes and engage your brain… Some new data from Juniper Research has revealed that by 2017 there will be 64.1 billion games downloaded onto smartphones and tablet devices – over 3 times that of 2012, which stood at 21 billion. This high rate ... Read More »

Ubisoft announce Prince of Persia: The shadow and The Flame

the prince of persia the shadow and the flame logo mobile

Ubisoft have just announced a new Prince of Persia game that will be coming to smartphones and tablets. Yeah we are a bit disapointed that its not another full blown Prince of Persia but it is an original PoP game that continues the story across iOS and Android platforms. Prince of Persia The Shadow and The Flame continues the incredible ... Read More »

Hot games to download on your smartphone today


The days when the only way to play a good videogame involved plugging a large games console into a household TV are long gone. This is because mobile phones have grown in power to the point where even the most basic of smartphones have the capacity to run brilliant games without breaking a sweat. We’ve picked out some top games from ... Read More »

Cloud based Mobile Gaming Service

Spair logo

We have covered a few cloud based gaming services that are entering the market such as Valve’s Xi3, OnLive or Nvidia’s Grid service. This however is the first mobile cloud gaming service. Its a concept that makes a lot of sense. Once of the problems that mobile developers face is the fragmentation of devices, particularly when you look beyond iOS ... Read More »

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