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PS4 Game Guide 2014


Sony’s Playstation 4 launched in South Africa on December 13th but quickly sold out. In fact, the majority of consoles went straight into the massive pre-order demand and the rest of the consoles that were set aside for walk-ins were gone in a matter of hours. Ster Kinekor have reported that more PS4 stock will be arriving this month. With ... Read More »

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Release Date


Finally the much anticipated expansion to Diablo III has a release date. Reaper of Souls will be available worldwide on the 25th of March 2014. Reaper of Souls sees the introduction of Malthael the Angel of Death (the guy with the kick-ass scythes) and introduces a bucket load of new features and gameplay tweaks. The level cap gets bumped up ... Read More »

XCOM Enemy Within Review


XCOM Enemy Within is not a true sequel, it’s more like an expansion pack that tries really, really hard. You won’t find a brand new game with new mechanics and innovations when you boot up Enemy Within, instead what you will find is the same gameplay that made Enemy Unknown such a hit with some refinements, new features and all ... Read More »

Parkour athlete recreates Mirror’s Edge POV scene in real life


Neil Cointe and his parkour group, Ampisound, recreated a Mirror’s Edge style free-running POV scene in real life. Filmed in Cambridge, the parkour athlete is shown maneuvering and vaulting over various obstacles at speed. The scene bears an uncanny resemblance to the game. The only missing element is Faith’s red sneakers. Ampisound got the idea for the video after hearing ... Read More »

What to expect from DriveClub – Playstation 4′s Racing Game

maserati drive club ps4

After being unveiled to the world at their New York conference on 20th February, gamers and gadget-lovers alike are holding their breath in anticipation for the latest gaming releases from the next Sony console; the PlayStation 4. With a formal US launch date predicted as 17th November 2013, what are aficionados likely to expect in terms of gaming quality, sociability ... Read More »

Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm SA Competition Event

starcraft 2 invitational competition south africa

You read that correctly, there is a South African Heart of the Swarm competition set in less than a month’s time. You can watch as South Africa’s best compete for the top place in Blizzards exciting expansion StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Experience SA kicking some international ass; you can watch as Rob “PandaTank” Botha (South Africa) takes on ... Read More »

State of Decay: One for the watch-list

State of Decay

It is seldom, so seldom in fact, that I have only experienced it once in its true form. Promised by all aspiring game developers, pulled off by few. It is the ability to create and implement a truly living, dynamically changing world based on the actions of a single player, resulting in a truly unique gameplay experience from start to ... Read More »

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