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The Future of Water in Video Games

water effects nvidia

Graphics have come a long way in recent years with textures and lighting improving dramatically. There is one element that developers still struggle with – water. Creating realistic water effects is one of the hardest things to do and because of that, the water scenes tend to shatter the atmosphere and bring us back to reality. Now Nvidia has a ... Read More »

The Grid from NVIDIA. Is this the future of gaming?

Nvidia Geforce Grid

The cloud has become part of our everyday lives, be it for storing data, listening to music or backing up our contacts, we relish the fact that our data is secure, but is that where it ends? Up until now, the cloud has been graciously accepted and used by anyone who has ever lost precious data due to unfavourable circumstances. ... Read More »

Top 10 Internet IPOs of the last 10 Years


Facebook is on it’s merry way to the trading floor. The social giant filled the necessary paperwork in February and has set it’s course to become the most valuable interwebs company on the planet (and then Zuckerburg can challenge the Klingons for interstellar domination). Read More »

iPad App with glasses free 3D display

Two French software developers put together this cool app that makes use of the iPad 2′s front facing camera. The app tracks your face and adjusts the image on the iPad accordingly to create the illusion of depth. No glasses are required, the image merely tricks the brain into thinking there really is a 3D scene behind the glass screen. ... Read More »

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