Everything you need to know… About Us

PixelVulture was started in November 2009. This website was started by myself (Matthew Arnold) and Dylan Robberts. We are based in Johannesburg South Africa, the hub of the rapidly expanding African digital market. The world of digital has never been so fresh and exciting as it is today. Our goal as PixelVulture is to scavenge the best bits and bytes of internet awesomeness from all over the web and bring it all direct to our readers. Our website offers a wide range of delicious digital delights for anyone interested in the world previously ruled by the IT elite.

The PixelVulure team

Our team currently consists of four kick-ass team members that dig up all the coolness that you see throughout the site:

  • Dylan Robberts
  • Matthew Arnold
  • Heike Meyburgh
  • Tracey Milne
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