At Microsoft’s CES keynote Press Conference this morning, Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer announced that the hugely popular Fable franchise is going to be released for Windows Phone 7. Fable: Coin Golf will allow players to earn money for their Xbox 360/PC character while playing away from their console.

Little is currently known about Fable: Coin Golf, though with Fable III having now been available for a number of months it’s highly likely that the Windows Phone 7 game will be coming in the very near future. Leaving Fable: Coin Golf until the Spring will surely weaken it’s market potential, as many gamers will have completed and moved on from the Xbox 360 game. Unless, of course, Microsoft intend on attaching the release to the forthcoming PC version of Fable III.

The idea of being able to continually grow your character and improve you game while away from your console is a really cool idea and fits naturally with Fable’s mini games.

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