So the BIG announcement is happening today in San Francisco (10am US Pacific time.) SO just to fuel the rumours we have added a few newsworthy items that have been mentioned on Mashable today.
Terry McGraw (CEO of McGraw-Hill ) told CNBC that Apple will make a Tablet announcement today, and that the device “will be based on the iPhone operating system, so it will be transferrable” — presumably referring to the 100,000+ apps that have already been developed for iPhone. We’re not going to say “we told you so” but this was our number one prediction. What was that? Someone at the office here is telling me not to count my chickens… well let’s see what the outcome is later.
So here is the video of the interview on CNBC:

We have also seen some really cool “leaked” images of the new iSlate tablet. I say “leaked” in inverted commas like that because who the hell knows what is real anymore with all the tons of images filling up the web. But these ones are really cool and look very believable… Images were posted by designer and user interface guy Dustin Curtis, on his Posterous. Let’s hope it does look like this:

See the invite to the press release and other info about the Apple iSlate. More news to come after the BIG Apple announcement! Check back here later…