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Apple have revealed it and named it

So a there has been so much hype and mystery surrounding Apple’s new tablet device. Well yesterday they launched their new baby and they called it…wait for it…keep waiting…

BIG Apple announcement today - Confirmation of the iSlate tablet?

So the BIG announcement is happening today in San Francisco (10am US Pacific time.) SO just to fuel the rumours we have added a few newsworthy items that have been mentioned on Mashable today. Pics of the tablet and an interview about the tablet…

What do we know about Apple’s iSlate

One thing is for sure, rumour and speculation by the truck load has surrounded the fabled Apple iSlate, if thats even the tablet PC’s name. We will now, taking from all this “information”, try to piece together what this gorgeous looking piece of machinery will be made up of. This has not been easy, not be any stretch of the imagination. Thanks for being so secretive Apple, pfff.