Sky is kicking off the UK’s first 3D channel with a live Premier League football match to be broadcast in nine pubs around the UK this weekend. The match between Arsenal and Manchester United will be viewable in 3D in pubs in London, Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Sky launches 3D channel

To make the 3D preview a reality, Sky Sports will produce two seperate edits of its live coverage of Sunday’s game at the Emirates Stadium, one for its HD channel feed and another dedicated to 3D. Specially engineered 3D camera rigs will house Sky’s high definition cameras, to provide comprehensive stereoscopic coverage from all angles. The 3D broadcast will be supported by Sky’s dedicated 3D production team and purpose built 3D outside broadcast truck, which will enable live mixing between camera positions, slow motion replays and the use of innovative 3D graphics. There will also be a dedicated commentary team to support the 3D edit. They are really going all out for this game it seems!

Theo Walcott - arsenal - 3D

So all in all, very cool. They couldn’t have selected a bigger game to launch with, I am sure the pubs in these areas will be packed. It must be pretty wierd walking into a pub and seeing everyone in 3D glasses… haha. On another note apparently the 2010 Football World Cup here in SA is also going to be filmed in 3D. Am I the only person wondering what football will look like in 3D? I’m still getting used to how awesome it looks in HD. Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, unless someone sends us a demo model to review…..