So finally Google has brough social search to the masses. Social search has now reached BETA status and is enabled for all signed-in English browsers (which should be you seeing as you are reading this!) It looks to be a very useful tool for users once it has had a bit of refinement.

Basically when searching on Google for information you are provided with webpages and information based on the relevancy of the content to your keyword. Of course the order that the websites pop up is heavily influenced by the popularity of that article. If it was relevant for other people searching for the same term as you, then Google reckons its relevant for you too.

But what they have done now is incredibly clever. What could be more relevant to you than your friends and family’s opinion? Google will now be able to pull the information from your social networks via your Google Profile and reference any related content written by your friends. This includes, blogs, photos, videos and messages.

It is explained very simply in this video by Google. So watch it and then go set up your profile!