New HD Screenshots released and Release Date info here.

Gears of War, Microsoft’s flagship title that has formed such a large part of the Xbox 360′s success, is back with the third helping.

Gears of War 2 introduced a couple of new improvements such as Horde Mode, a game type where you could link up with some mates to battle waves of locust’s ever increasing in difficulty. Gears of War 3 steps this up with the introduction of Beast Mode, turning this game mode on it’s head. Now you can play as the Horde against wave after wave of AI controller humans.

There are new weapons, new creatures and new locations in the brand new instalment of this award winning game. We’re amped here at PixelVulture, we just can’t wait to get out hands on this game.

So to get you excited too we have collected some awesome concept art from around the web and placed it below. We have also included the teaser trailer for Gears of War 3 which features the same music overlay style as the infamous MadWorld launch trailer. Enjoy.

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