The latest news from the frontlines in the Google versus the Chinease government has just been released on the official Google blog. Since Google made it’s decision to take a stand against censorship they have formally been redirecting (China site) users to the (Hong Kong site.) The Hong Kong site has no censorship and allows users to search for anything.

The Chinease government has made it clear that it does not approve of this and has threatened to revoke Google’s Internet Content Provider (ICP) licence, which is due for renewal tomorrow the 30th of June. Without this licence will have to be shut down.

Google have however tried to come up with a solution for it’s users. They will start directing users to again but this time they have created a landing page that allows users to use the current censored search engine and all the current translation tools etc, but it will also include a link to the website where users will be able to find all the uncensored information they want.

The landing page with the outbound link to

Something tells me the Chinease government is probably not going to like this either… well tomorrow is D-Day for the licence renewal, so we will just have to wait and see.

UPDATE: Google has submitted their application for Licence renewal.