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Yes indeed that seems to be the case. In a bizarre turn of events it seems that Lamebook, a site dedicated to the bizarre, hilarious and just plain stupid Facebook Status Updates, is suing Facebook over trademark infringement.

According to TechCrunch this is what is going down:

The complaint is for a declaratory judgement, which means Facebook threatened to sue Lamebook over trademark infringement, and now the tiny company is suing them first in order to get a preemptive decision from the court that there is, in fact, no wrongdoing. Most probably, Lamebook is doing this to keep the lawsuit in Texas.

According to the complaint, Facebook counsel first contacted Lamebook back in March 2010, asking them to cease and desist using the Lamebook mark and change the name and look of its website. They repeated this request several times over the next few months and are now threatening to take the small company to court to get their way.

Basically, Lamebook’s counterargument is that its site is a clear parody to Facebook and as such does not infringe or dilute the Facebook mark, and enjoys protection under the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

If you are a legal-eagle then you can take a look at the documents here. My verdict? Shame, can Mark Zuckerberg just not get a break at least once in a while? Other than that his lawyers must be laughing all the way to the bank.

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