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The scenario: A night out drinking. The hours pass. You get home. Still not tired enough to go to bed, so what do you do? Check Facebook of course. Maybe you didn’t even make it home before you feel the need to tweet an ex confessing your true feelings. The scenarios are endless, the repercussions are permanent.

Feel like this pretty much describes your life? Then maybe the Social Media Sobriety Test by Webroot is just for you. This little niffty plug-in (free add-on for Firefox) lets you set a time period during which it needs to be active. Then, every time you log on to, for example, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, you will need to complete (and pass) a few handy tests. You could either be asked to type the alphabet backwards or to keep your mouse in the centre of a moving circle. Upon passing you will then be given access BUT should you fail, Webroots will tweet/post on your behalf. Looking at the tutorial video, it seems like these are very unforgiving - in my world at least.

But lets think this one through. Yeah, this is a pretty awesome idea, but when drunk I am sure most access these sites via their phones. It’s more instant and in the moment. How will Webroots be able to stop all those embarrassing drunken slurs? This plug-in and the need it is fulfilling is funny, but functional? Who knows.

“Protecting you from all possible threats — even yourself.” - Wise words.

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