The second edition of EA game’s Need For Speed Shift series is sure to blow your hair back. Shift 2 Unleashed focuses specifically on high performance track racing rather than free driving as in Hot Pursuit. One thing that Shift 2 looks to have in common with Hot Pursuit is polish and attention to detail. SHift 2 looks simply breathtaking.

Shift 2 features an impressive selection of the hottest and most elite high-performance vehicles in the world. In fact it delivers not only the biggest car list ever in a Need for Speed game, but also the most immersive racing experience to date with extensive performance and visual customization, true-to-life crash physics, intense night racing, and a helmet cam that recreates realistic driver head movements.

The helmet cam really ups the realism, moving exactly like a real racers head does when driving which means that when drifting around corners you are actually looking out the side window to see where you are going. While it looks pretty tough, it also looks super fun to play.

The customization of the cars is also really cool, one of the things that I have always loved about past Need For SPeed titles is the ability to upgrade tune and style your car as you progress. Well done to EA for keeping this aspect alive and kicking.

Check out the video below showcasing the realism and intesity of Shift 2 Unleashed. We cannot wait to get our hands on this game! (check out our other NFS posts here)


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