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Portal 2 has been announced through the use of a very tricky teaser campaign. An updated DLC version of portal was made available (has been nothing for ages as Portal was released in 2007) users downloaded this and found weird audio clues that needed to be decoded in order to discover the announcement of Portal 2. Cool stuff.

Portal was a groundbreaking game in so many ways getting 70 industry achievement awards! The innovative use of physics and the hundreds of different ways that you could use a portal to navigate through various wacky obstical courses at Apeture Science labs. is what set Portal apart from any other game. These various levels were wound together with a very funny and interesting story featuring the very human A.I. GLaDOS.

So Portal 2 will hit the shelves this holiday season and will be sold as a stand alone game (previous version was bundeled with Half-Life 2.) The game will be available for Xbox 360 and PC - No Playstation 3 mentioned… Oh and rumour has it that Portal 2 is going to feature a separate co-operative campaign. Intense. Valve reckons you will have to not only play co-operatively, but think co-operatively as well.

If you haven’t played Portal, I suggest you go play it immeadiately. If you have then below is a little reminder of how awesome the game was… the credits song “Still Alive” - Go on then eat your cake…

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