When some people think Prince of Persia, they see the movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal. But for the rest of us we see a retro platform game released for Apple II and later ported to PC and other platforms.

The movie is actually based on a video game, that is a super rad remake of an ancient platform-style game under the same name,

The original game is now on its way to the iPhone, under the name Prince of Persia Retro. Why is this cool and news worthy? Its one of the best games of all time!!

Back in 1989, when the game was first released, it boasted spectacular animation, mind-boggling puzzles, addictive gameplay and an incredibly eerie atmosphere. It wasn’t easy either: one wrong step and you fell down a hole and ended up skewered by spikes protruding from the floor, if that didn’t get you, one of the many traps scattered throughout the Sultan’s palace, in which the game is set, would.

The game was due to be released by Ubisoft on 4/29/2010, but it’s still not available in the app store. Hopefully, it’ll appear there soon.

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