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Came across this nugget of awesomeness today. Seems the Russians are using QR codes to have a treasure hunt across Moscow. You find the code. You get the clue. Sounds like fun. The site’s in French so here’s the translation for you (thank you Google Translator thingy):

With the new mobile Internet technologies, many urban games thrive

3 examples of using the mobile games and geolocation:

* A treasure hunt in augmented reality for Volvo
* The teaser at Twitter (Daffy’s)

* The hunt for Levi’s is open

In the same way, a new urban game was launched in Moscow. This treasure hunt based on QR codes starting at the subway station Paveletskaya and invites players to find 7 other QR codes by answering riddles.

Until September, every week a new adventure is proposed and a new award to be won.

It makes me think of this video. (YouTube wont let me embed it, the sneaky buggers).

So here’s my idea: QR codes. Plus awesome party in secret location. Who’s keen? I am. Call me.

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