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So Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is set to release on the 16th of November, the third instalment of this excellent franchise is eagerly awaited. The main feature that has been getting a lot of coverage is the inclusion of multiplayer (a first for Assassin’s Creed.) However that is not the focus of today’s post.

The developers gameplay video below details another really exciting aspect of the new game: micro-managing your own guild of assassins. Yes you read that correctly. In Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood you will be able to recruit other assassin’s to perform contract killings for you. Your assassin’s will gain experience with each kill and allow you to upgrade them over time.  This ability to kit them out, upgrade their armour and weaponry and send them on missions is a really exciting avenue for Assassin’s Creed.

Check out the video below to see some of the new gameplay in action as well as a glimpse into how the new micro-management works. Also in the video you can see some of the new cities that are going to be in the game – Lisbon, Rome, Barcelona & London.

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