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Google is gearing up to offer widespread support for extensions in Chrome , launching a program that will allow third-party developers to add features to its browser.

Google released information addressing its new Chrome Extension Gallery on Tuesday.

Developer types are now able to upload their fabulous to the Extensions Gallery, effectively publishing their extensions prior to the browser actually supporting them. These extensions are currently only available in the current developer release, but they should be handy for the rest of us to use before the end of the year, which is just around he corner, and thats pretty cool.

As it stands, there ain’t too much to see in the Chrome gallery, its a place where developers can submit their material. Google is encouraging developers to upload videos and screenshots of their extensions explaining what each one does. We assume that one day Chrome will support a substantial amount of extensions similar to the add-ons community enjoyed by Firefox. Chrome is already a phenomenal browser and with this in the not too distant future, its 3% browser share will quickly increase.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which side of the fence you sit with regards to this, Google has already posted guidelines owtlawing those “horrible” things like copyright infringement, hate speech and any extensions that would allow you to download streaming content or media. Sorry kids, no extensions that enable ripping from YouTube will be permitted, hahaha, I can almost hear the deafening, “FUUUUUUCK”

OK, stop groaning…

Right, so what that means for all you aspiring developers is that your soon to be Chrome extension will be reviewed before its unleashed on the general internet user.

I’m am not a techie, I just use all the cool gadgets or widgets that some of you very talented people put out, so I don’t really understand the next bit and Matt isn’t around to possible explain it to me (doubt he knows anyway), but, according to the Chrome Blog, for most extensions, “the review process is fully automated.” That part I get, BUT, if you plan to include low-level components or access file:// URIs, Google will require a manual review and could ask developers for extra information before extensions end up in the gallery.

Here at Pixel Vulture, we are super excited and anticipating the shit out the release of the Chrome Extensions Gallery and as Chrome browser users and believers in the Google credo (we like FREE stuff) we thinks its going to be uber awesome and provide some real value to our lives.