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Google Chrome continues to grow

The latest data (Feb 2010) from Net Applications show Google Chrome as the only web browser that increased market share. All other browsers saw their market shares decrease.

Gears Greased - Google Chrome gets Greasemonkey support

We brought you a post telling you that Google Chrome was going to be getting extensions, well now there are already over 2,000 of these bad boys, but hang on a tic, now Chrome users have access to over 40,000 more. Why? Well that’s because Chrome 4.0 now supports greasemonkey scripts for Windowsand the Chrome developers build for Linux and Mac. The “gears” that run Chrome have been greased!!!

NEW Google Chrome OS on your Flash drive

Chromium OS is the the open source build of Google’s highly anticipated upcoming web-focused netbook operating system, was made into a thumb-drive-friendly recently by a helpful hacker named Hexxeh. His latest build, ChromiumOS Zero, adds Chrome extension support, speed boosts, and cool stuff.

Extensions coming for Chrome

Google is gearing up to offer widespread support for extensions in Chrome chrome-extensions, launching a program that will allow third-party developers to add features to its browser.