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NEW: DLC for Bioshock 2 announced find out more about the DLC expansion pack.

Yes, that is correct, we will see the return of the Big Daddy and the Little Sisters in the upcoming sequel to Bioshock  (aptly named Bioshock 2.) You have no doubt watched the preview trailers and read many articles about the release of this massive game. Here at PixelVulture we are super excited. Check out our other articles on Bioshock 2.

Bioshock 2 - Concept art

Bioshock was one of the most immersive games I have ever played, the beautifully rendered world provided a seamless experience that really made you want to explore and interact. For me the “moral” decision making was not really the most amazing part - at the end of the day it is still a game no matter how lifelike. But that aside, Bioshock was an excellent game, one that made me proud to be an Xbox owner.

So what do you need to know about the sequel?

1.) Multiplayer has been added (Yes you read that correctly.)

Online multiplayer has been announced although full details are not known.

2.) Explore more of Rapture

Rapture is a huge city and you have only seen a small part of it. Bioshock 2 allows you to explore the city and take in the beautiful artistic renderings. Rapture has evolved ecologically with time, creating some truly breathtaking scenes. There also the introduction of a diving suit - allowing you to explore the ocean floor and reefs surrounding rapture.

3.) Dual weapons

Yes, they have now introduced the ability to wield two weapons simultaneously - double the fun.

Bioshock 2 is undoubtedly going to be a huge success (even without much improvement a sequel would be well received.) The developers are really looking to push the envelope with this release and I for one cannot wait to get hold of it…

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