Right so this Californian design company called Schultzworks has just placed top three for a design competition. What they have designed can only be described as a rather radical reinvention of the PC. Scrap that, its the coolest thing I have ever bloody well seen, its a whole bunch of retro, an eclectic mixture of modern minimalism, a splash of the steampunk movement and antiques all rolled into one beautiful piece of fictional machinery. Yes, unfortunately the design Schultzworks calls the “PhilcoPC” is a design prototype only, so we have to stress that this thing is hypothetical and even though you would sell a kidney on the black market to get your hands on one, but, YOU WILL NEVER GET THIIS, YOU WILL NEVER GET THIIS. The SchultzeWORKS design studio has created a wide variety of consumer electronics and housewares for clients such as Microsoft, LG, and Target, but the Philco PC design received more attention than usual. “The design was a total labor of love,” says Mr. Schultze, “but I felt so strongly that, with few exceptions, most computers are engineered eyesores. So it was very cool to receive so much positive feedback.” This interest encouraged additional development and resulted in a one-minute 3D animation. This video is now being used for presentation to PC makers for manufacturing consideration, and can be seen online at

Philco PC from Dave Schultze on Vimeo.

So maybe one day you can GET THIIS, haha.