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It seems that March 2010 was a good month for Africa on Facebook, as growth was evident in five of the seven countries that are tracked by Facebook. Africa accounted for almost half a million new users in Facebook according to Inside Facebook.

North Africa is still where the best stats are found, both in monthly active user (MAU) growth and overall penetration. Tunisia overtook Morocco with new 135 160 MAU, and a penetration rate of 13%.

Remaining as the third-fastest growing countries is Nigeria, with 79 020 new users. However, considering that it has a population of 151 million people, it’s almost as big as all of North Africa combined, it is struggling to even reach 1% penetration.

Nigeria is followed by South Africa, with a significantly higher penetration rate but it didn’t add more users between February and March. The other country that didn’t add any MAU was Ghana.

In the rankings between South Africa and Ghana lies Kenya, with 32 820 new MAU and a mere penetration of 1.6%.

And with the highest penetration in Africa we have Mauritius, with 13.8%.

With an overall  10 474 660 MAU, Africa remains the smallest world region by number of Facebook users, however, with a  penetration sitting at 2.8%, it is slightly higher than Asia’s 2.3%. GO AFRICA!

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