Twitter is testing a new Who to Follow, or People tab. Haven’t seen it yet?  Look next to the Home, Profile and Messages tabs on the home page.

The new feature suggests friends for you, lets you browse Twitter users through interests, or find new Twitter connections through other services such as Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Hotmail and Messenger.

It shows you the accounts you’ve recently followed and checked out, and from here you can quickly browse profiles that are similar to those you’ve followed. Kinda cool!

One of the main issues with Twitter is the ability to find new worthy people to follow. There are so many 3rd party apps and services for this, but until now, Twitter itself has never been very useful in this area. Now, it has finally consolidated all of its friend-finding features under one tab, which will definitely be helpful, especially to new users.

It would also seem Twitter is currently testing several slightly different versions of the feature. For example, on my account the new tab is called “Who to Follow” instead of just “People” or “Find People” you may see elsewhere.

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