Razer’s upcoming new Xbox controller called the Onza is due to be released at the end of February. The new controller features Razer’s Hyperesponse buttons as well as a redesigned D-Pad for high precision and 2 Multi-Function Buttons (MFB).

The buttons are positioned above the triggers and can be remapped to any of the other existing controls for extra customisability and ensuring that your commands are always within reach. With a wired controller for lag-free control, the Razer Onza is designer to be a truly competitive Xbox Controller.

The Razer Onza still has the headset port so it is still fully compatible with any existing Xbox Headset, with the Tournament Edition of the controller due to be released shortly after as well as the Razer Chimaera Xbox 360 Headset bringing Razer quality 5.1 sound to the console.

I am sure you will agree that this is a pretty amazing little piece, but it’s not inspiring a move from PS3! The fact that its wired…is not fir me!

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