Dance Central

Microsoft has unveiled 19 ways for you to jump into the action with the final launch line-up of games for Kinect for Xbox 360.

“The line-up of games we are launching along with Kinect delivers an astonishing range of experiences and entertainment which can be enjoyed by everyone,” said Microsoft’s Chris Lewis.

“Kinect creates a more natural and responsive experience for people of all interests and skill levels. That’s why we are so excited to offer people something truly unique that exists nowhere else.”

Using motion sensor technology to track a player’s movements, Kinect allows you to play games without using a controller.

Nineteen Kinect-enabled game titles from the industry’s biggest publishers will debut in November, including ‘Dance Central’, winner of the Game Critics “Best Original Game” Award at E3 2010. From the minds behind the ‘Rock Band’ franchise, ‘Dance Central’ is billed as a “brand new era in music games”.

The other games include

Family Game Night

Kinect Adventures


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

Game Party: In Motion

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout

EA Sports Active 2

Zumba Fitness

Get Fit With Mel B


Dance Paradise

Kinect Sports


Sports Island Freedom

Kinect Joy Ride

Fighters Uncaged’

Sonic Free Riders’

Crossboard 7

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