He has the simplest Jailbreak under his belt and along with it the attention of Apple, but now George Hotz has cracked the PlayStation 3. Apple has wanted to put him over their knee for a while now and now he has a new angry parent on his hands in Sony.

George told the BBC that in just 5 weeks he managed to hack the PlayStation 3 system. Hotz rekons he started the hack last winter (or summer depending on where you are from), taking around the 3 weeks to analyze the system and then took another 2 weeks recently to complete the mission. Up until now, the PS3 was the only console that had gone unscathed by the attack of the hacker. not so much anymore it would seem!!

Hotz has yet to divulge the details of his hack, but did tell the BBC that the PS3 is a “very secure system.” Not secure enough though, haha.

Now gamers will be able to enjoy their older PS2 games on the console and have a new sense of freedom from newer PS3 consoles that don’t let you do this, which I am sure we can all agree was bollocks!! “I can now do whatever I want with the system,” says Hotz. “It’s like I’ve got an awesome new power – I’m just not sure how to wield it.”

Pretty obvious, Sony are far from stoked about this and will be “investigating the supposed report”

@geohot is a ninja, a keyboard cowboy, these companies need to hire the guy STAT. Until that happens Geroge Hotz will continue to make gamers and iPhone users across the globe super happy and parents like Apple and Sony, well, not so happy.