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On the advent of Spring Day (1 September) Apple announced that they have added a music-focused social network platform to their bouquet. Their addition to the ever expanding world of social media has aptly been called Ping.

If you are an active iTunes user and apple connoisseur this platform will come standard with your latest update to iTunes 10 (available immediately). Essentially this is an add on to apple’s music platform and allows user to discover new music, follow friends and view their music reviews, purchases and planned concert attendance. Bands can also use Ping as an additional way to keep their fans in the loop, and are able to share latest news, tour dates and events.

Think of this as your Facebook/ Twitter / Last Fm/ Foursquare combined into one.

Well lets see if this will take off. Only time will tell.

Personally don’t know if I am too excited about this move. I love apple - I am writing this post from a MacBook, with my iPod blaring away my favourite tunes and my iPhone considered as my one true love. I am an apple-holic, who loves social media. Should I not be super excited about this? And yet, here I am, a bit unsure of this new move and yet another platform that i will need to update. Maybe I am not an early adopter as I hoped that I was… sigh. I had such high hopes for myself. (This said here I am adding myself to Ping. I am a slave to apple.)

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