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I knew that this day would eventually have to come. The day that I had been dreading for quite some time. The day I received a Facebook Friend Request from my mother. I love my mom to bits, and she means the world to me, but sharing photos of me out with my friends last week could spell doom and gloom. The end of the way mom thinks the world of me.Her little angel.

So there I was with this pending friend request. What to do? This got me thinking. We always hear of stats that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook are women over the age of 55, so I knew that this day would arrive. But what is the average age of Facebook users? Surely, this is a platform for the young?

The answer: 38. The average Facebook user is 38 years old; a far cry from the original university crowd that this platform was launched to. But never fear, it seems that those that are between the age of 19 and 29 use Facebook as often as their email, and those that are still wet behind their ears (18 years and younger) actually use Facebook MORE than email.

This all is revealed in the infographic by Flowtown, so enjoy. Feel free to uhh and ahh at these stats. (And in case you were wondering I am now friends with my mother on Facebook.)

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